About Us

Victory Biker Church Blackpool UK is a non-denominational Christian church that was designed for bikers, outcasts, misfits, and sinners. It’s not the well that need a physician, it’s the sick.
Whether you’re a biker all tattooed up or just someone who wants to have an encounter with Jesus, we’re here for you.

You don’t have to ride a motorcycle to be part of Victory Biker Church Blackpool UK (although it would be really cool if you did). You just need to be comfortable with people in jeans, tattoos, leather, and who are a little rough around the edges.

Everyone is welcome regardless of your past or present situation. We WANT you to come in your brokenness. Just because you sin differently than we do doesn’t make you not welcome.  You’re going to find people who are genuine and full of the Love of Jesus for you. Our meetings are laid back, biker oriented, yet still family friendly with great worship, relevant preaching, and the presence of God.

Victory Biker Church Blackpool is a church plant of Victory Biker Church International in Lennon, MI, and all the other  Victory Biker Church plants around the world. We are a brotherhood (and sisterhood) of bikers bound by our faith and our relationship with Jesus Christ.

We have a passion to be the church home for bikers, outcasts, misfits, and sinners of all types, a passion for family, and a passion for the open road. Bikers reaching bikers, the lost, and the broken with the love of God and the true Victory of Jesus Christ.

We aim to work in unity with all motorcycle ministries as well as other churches to spread the Gospel and add souls to the Kingdom of Heaven. We’d love you to become part of our family.

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