While in prayer about how The Lord wanted Victory Biker Church to work in conjunction with all motorcycle ministries, the Holy Spirit gave Apostle BMAN this illustration – The VBC Unity Wheel.   

The Lord used the motorcycle front wheel to demonstrate His will and to illustrate unity (John 17:20-26).

The Lord said Victory Biker Church (and all called Biker Churches) is the hub assembly, the spokes coming from the hub assembly to the rim are all the motorcycle ministries coming in and out of the hub.  The rim is the Holy Spirit that holds us all together in true unity, He ordains our work and anoints us to carry His presence and glory into the highways and the byways with the Gospel Message of the Kingdom of God – which is the tire on the rim – the rubber that meets the road. 

Together, we are the body of Christ sent into the biker communities to reap the harvest, which is so ripe.  Walking in love, respect, honor, and unity the gates of hell will not prevail against us.

The meaning of the Unity Wheel is not a hierarchy type diagram or showing VBC over any other ministry.  But, rather is only meant to show that we are ready, willing, and able to work with all other ministries, in unity, in our God called to function as a church.

In fact, we’d be happy to help other biker churches set up their Unity Wheel as well – where Victory Biker Church would become one of the spokes in their wheel.

Victory Biker Church is a non-denominational church home for bikers and motorcyclists from all Motorcycle Ministries, Clubs, and independent riders! Working together for the Glory of God in true unity in the Spirit of Christ Jesus.

For more information contact Victory Biker Church International

at 810-271-0002


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